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Life After Medicine

Learning platform to help ensure that your retirement will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Retirement is a career earned from and following work, with the objective of finding worthwhile and enjoyable alternatives to work.

Life After Medicine can guide you through this process. Here’s how:

It's built on a solid foundation

Created by Dr. Alan Roadburg, Life After Medicine is based on more than 30 years’ experience with the non-financial or lifestyle side of retirement planning. Alan’s experience is both academic and practical. He was a tenured university professor, teaching and doing research in Social Gerontology (The Sociology of Aging), and the Sociology of Retirement. Alan changed careers and established the Second Career Retirement Program, focusing initially on in-house workshops for private and public sector corporations.

It's based on research

As the program developed, the focus shifted to include exclusive research among various professional groups. Life After Medicine includes the results of Dr. Roadburg’s exclusive surveys that included over 600 retired physicians (your retirement mentors) in the US and Canada – the undisputed experts on retiring from medicine.

It's practical

In addition to the advice and experiences from your retirement mentors, the program includes our exclusive Life Goal Planning Workshop, to help you identify and replace satisfactions lost from medicine. This is presented through 10 videos and an online 200-page workbook. The platform also includes links to current research and articles covering relevant non-financial retirement issues.

It's social

The Perfect Retirement has its own built-in social media platform that connects you to an online community of other pre and post-retiree physicians. Create your own profile, share your insights, experiences, and challenges, ask questions, answer questions. You will be in contact with your peers who are going through or have completed the retirement process.

It's wherever you are

Video workshop, workbook, and a supportive community, it’s all online and can be accessed anytime from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

“This is a healthy approach to retirement. It’s about finding ways to satisfy emotional needs, that may or may not have been met when working, to understand those needs and the role they play in deciding when to retire, and what to do once retired.” 

Workshop Participant

Program Introduction

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your personal needs and retirement life goal

  • Evaluate and possibly improve current retirement plans

  • Create new plans before or after retirement

  • Link Life Goal Planning to a financial plan

  • Decide when to retire

  • Evaluate working in retirement

  • Assess housing decisions

  • Understand the effects of retirement on spousal relations and being single.

  • And much more!

“As soon as I saw this book I said to myself ‘I found it!’ I have been looking for a book to expand my retirement options and have found it – The Perfect Retirement!”

Learn more about    Dr. Roadburg & his workshops

With over 30 years of academic and practical experience in retirement lifestyle ( non-financial) planning, Dr. Alan Roadburg has created a unique and extremely effective set of practical tools to ensure that your retirement will be worthwhile and enjoyable. It all started with an idea and a workshop back in 1986 and it has evolved into an online retirement learning platform. 

A short clip of Dr. Roadburg’s live workshop
presented to retiring dentists